Jordan Zhu

Senior Manager, Venture Ecosystem,



전문 분야

  • Innovation ecosystem expert with deep connections to VCs, startups and accelerators
  • Ex-entreprenuer with hands-on experience in building and accelerating new ventures
  • Leader and founding member of the Venture Ecosystem team in China/APAC

Jordan is a senior manager for the Venture Ecosystem, and its leader and founding member in the Greater China and APAC region.

Jordan is a passionate consultant with more than 10 years of experience focusing on innovation management across both insurgent and incumbent sides of businesses. He is an expert in innovation strategy, venture building and operating model design for large organizations. He is also a co-author of many Bain innovation IPs in the region including China Corporate Innovation POV, China VC Report, etc.

Jordan has supported many global clients in TMT, Retail, CP, ENR and FS industries in their innovation ambitions. His work spans across every step of the Engine 2 journey, transforming incumbents to "scaled insurgents": From making strategic choices on Engine 2 opportunities by applying today-forward and future-back lenses, to nurturing new ventures from 0 to 1 by executing buy-partner-build decisions, all the way to scaling new businesses by leveraging "hidden assets" within large organizations.

Jordan is deeply rooted in the China and APAC innovation ecosystems with extensive connections to top Venture Capital firms, entrepreneurs, accelerators, corporate innovation platforms and innovation arms of major academics.

Prior to joining Bain, Jordan worked as a senior manager at a renowned innovation platform in China where he led the design and operation of multiple startup incubation programs and corporate innovation programs for Fortune 500 clients. Before that, he founded his own startups in consumer product and internet service with exits.

Beyond work, Jordan has been recognized as an innovation expert in the region. He frequently provides mentorships to startups and founders, and he's been invited as a speaker at major events to share both startup and corporate innovation related topics.

Jordan holds a B.A. degree from Jonkoping University in Sweden with distinguished academic records.

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