Jose Casas



Jose Casas is the leader of the Enterprise Technology practice in Madrid and a member of the Financial Services practice.

Jose has extensive experience serving clients across sectors and geographies, including Europe, North America and Latin America. He has more than 10 years of consulting experience.

Jose is an expert in topics related to technology for financial institutions, focused primarily in leading complex digital transformations, major core banking platforms renewal and developing new architecture models. He also has significant expertise in banking, having successfully advised banks on omnichannel, private banking, consumer finance and salesforce effectiveness. He has relevant digital experience in additional sectors such as energy.

Jose's recent projects have covered the strategic and digital transformation of a European financial entity and the development of an operating model in technology for a European energy company. He has also designed a digital and omnichannel strategy in banking with a strong focus on customer experience, a cost cutting and process improvement program for a Spanish bank and a valuation of a joint venture between a leading consumer finance bank and a technology company.

In addition to his client work, he also leads cultural initiatives in Bain’s Madrid office.

Prior to joining Bain, Jose gained three years of experience with a Spanish financial entity and spent two years working in telecommunications.

Jose is a Telecommunications Engineer from Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Sevilla.

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