Kanishka Bhattacharya

엑스퍼트 파트너,


Data Science Strategy and Execution.


전문 분야

  • 15+ years experience in Data Science execution and strategy in Financial Services
  • Built innovative algorithms to drive measurable impact in UK banks
  • Developed cutting edge algorithms in the world of Human Genomics

Kanishka is a member of our Advanced Analytics Group and Financial Services practice.

He has 15+ years of experience in building and embedding data science driven solutions in large global corporations in UK and EMEA.

He has worked with several large financial services organisations, particularly in banking, to execute innovative solutions that address strategic goals. His particular area of expertise is use of data science for innovation in a fast paced modern digital environment and applying similar disciplines to transformation established financial services organisations.

Prior to joining Bain, he worked for Hedge Funds as a Quant and held a leadership role at a large technology corporation. He has also held leadership roles at other leading consulting firms with a focus on data and digital.

He holds an MSc and DPhil in Applied Statistics & Genomics from Oxford University, UK, and is an adjunct faculty at London Business School, where he teaches Data Science, Machine Learning, and topics around Leadership in a Digital world.

In his spare time, Kanishka enjoys travelling, food, cricket, badminton, and spending time with his wife, two young daughters and dog.

He has also previously volunteered for the Guide Dogs Charity and has been part of the Royal Statistical Society's Data Science Committee.

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