Katie Kiersey



Expert in commercial due diligence of Industrials assets


Katie Kiersey is a leader within our Private Equity, Advanced Manufacturing & Services, and Energy & Natural Resources practices.

Since joining Bain in 2015, Katie has led +70 commercial due diligences across a wide variety of industries and topics. She works extensively with the firm's private equity clients, evaluating assets primarily in the industrials space where she has significant depth in the Construction & Building Products and Auto Aftermarket verticals. In addition to leading diligence teams, Katie also partners with PE firms on strategic initiatives, including growth strategy and operational improvements.

Beyond her client work, Katie is the subsector lead for our Private Equity practice's Environmental Services vertical, co-leads Women@Bain PE efforts across North America, and serves as the Texas Leadership Lead for Pride @ Bain.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (with specialization in Alternative Asset Management) from Southern Methodist University where she graduated summa cum laude.

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