Kristian Stæhr-Rasmussen



Advisor on renewable energy and energy transition across the supply- and value chain


Kristian Stæhr-Rasmussen is a member of our Energy & Natural Resources and Strategy practices.

He primarily advises energy majors and OEMs on renewable energy and energy transition, engaging on strategic issues across the supply- and value chain.

His recent client achievements include corporate strategy review and operating model redesign for a Global Energy Major and executing a Performance Improvement program for a Global Renewables OEM.

Kristian has ~10 years of consulting experience, joining Bain in 2020 through the integration of his former company, QVARTZ - a leading Nordic management consultancy - with Bain.

Prior to this, he worked at Danish renewable energy major Ørsted after graduating with a MSc in economics and business administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Kristian is an avid cyclist and a food enthusiast. He is married to his wife Elisabeth and is a father of two daughters.

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