Matthew Meacham

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A Bain veteran with significant experience across M&A and Consumer Products, Matthew has led Bain support for multiple global transformations in Consumer Products and beyond


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  • Founder of five Bain offices worldwide
  • Former head of our global Consumer Products practice; served on Bain Board of Director until last year
  • Former leader of our business in Southwestern United States, Mexico and Central America, and subsequently in Iberia
  • Currently serves on our Global Operating Committee as Chairman of Bain’s Global Industry Practice Areas

Matthew Meacham is a leader in our Consumer Products and Mergers & Acquisitions practices.

Matthew's 30-plus-year career and leadership span the globe. In the consumer products industry, he focuses on food & beverage and has led work with many of the world's best-known consumer products companies.

Matthew joined our firm in London in 1988 and has since assisted with five of our office start-ups (Sydney, Hong Kong, Dallas, Costa Rica and Mexico City). He was elected to the partnership in 1996 and as a director in 2003.

He spent six years as our Dallas office head, during which he spearheaded our business across the southwestern United States, Mexico and Central America. He then led our business in Spain and Portugal for eight years and has also served as head of our global Consumer Products practice.

Matthew is an expert in designing and implementing winning strategies for players across the US, Latin America and EMEA. In recent years, he has increasingly worked with clients across Sub-Saharan Africa, as well.

These strategies focus on core brand growth, effective customer and channel strategy and segmentation, procurement and productivity improvement. He is also deeply involved in multiple merger situations: buy-side, sell-side and post-merger integration.

Prior to joining the firm, Matthew served as an Officer in the British Army, stationed in the UK and Cyprus. He also founded and managed his own fashion company.

Matthew holds an MBA from INSEAD, France. He also earned an MA in jurisprudence from Oxford University, where he was awarded a scholarship after achieving a Distinction in Honor Moderations.

Bain partner Matthew Meacham discusses "Rebooting consumer products in Western Europe."

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