Murilo Rodrigues

Expert Associate Partner,

São Paulo

Specializing in technology strategy and architecture


전문 분야

Murilo Rodrigues is a key member of our Enterprise Technology practice in South America. He possesses about two decades of experience and a mix of technical, business and consulting skills to help top companies address their most pressing technology-related challenges.

Throughout his career, Murilo has undertaken a diverse range of responsibilities involving technology, in areas such as mergers and divestitures, ERP deployment, package and vendor selections, application and infrastructure modernization, cloud journey, and large-scale digital platforms. Additionally, he has championed data-centric initiatives and restructured IT teams / practices to enhance agility, efficiency, and value.

Before joining Bain, Murilo held a senior technical leadership role at a major tech corporation. He held end-to-end responsibilities for global IT teams and platforms, with a distinct focus on strategic architectural decisions.

Murilo holds an Executive MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral and a B.Sc. in computer science from UFSCar (Universidade Federal de São Carlos).

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