Paaritosh Tandon



Leading transformations and driving business operating model redesign in financial services and telecommunications


Paaritosh Tandon is a member of our Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Media and Entertainment practices.

Paaritosh has worked with multinationals across Southeast Asia (SEA), with a primary focuses on business transformation, corporate and business unit strategy, organization redesign, sales excellence, and performance improvement. His case portfolio includes top and bottom-line transformation results for a leading regional bank, group operating model definition for a regional merger between banks, and establishing innovation strategy for a leading telco.

Beyond his client work, Paaritosh is a leader of our SEA recruiting efforts. Before joining us, he was a consultant for another top firm and completed his MBA from IESE Business School.

In his personal time, Paaritosh is a dog-lover, avid cyclist and emerging deep-sea diver (with a recent PADI Certification). He and his wife are proud parents of their young son.

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