Priscila Chagas

Agile Specialist Consultant,

São Paulo


전문 분야

  • 18+ years of experience, 6 years in financial services, 10 years in tech projects
  • Reference in Product Management and Product Management trainer and mentor for 2 years

Priscila Chagas is member of our Agile practice.

She has almost 20 years of experience working in technology with product management, agile, projects, business analysis and systems analysis.

Priscila is a specialist in product management, agile methods (Scrum & Kanban), project management with PMBoK, requirements engineering with UML, and software processes with BPMN, also acting as a teacher in training on the topics.

She has strong knowledge of Relationship Marketing business, strategic CRM and general acting in Payments, Banking, Insurance, Retail and Telecommunications.

Priscila is a professional with high autonomy, leadership skills, problem solving and management skills, including teams development, as well as multiple technology skills including Java, .Net and Mainframe.

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