Rob Pick



Member of our Energy & Natural Resources and Automotive practices focused on growth strategy to capitalize on the green transition


전문 분야

  • 13 years of firm experience and fully focused on growth in the EV and ENR space that capitalizes on the green transition
  • Co-lead Chicago's Social Impact efforts and serve as the CFO of a local education non-profit outside of Bain

Rob Pick is a member of our Energy and Natural Resources and Automotive practices.

Rob has worked with multiple clients across the EV and chemical value chain, from smaller early stage ventures to global conglomerates as well as diligence support for financial investors in the space. His work primarily focuses on growth strategy for companies looking to capitalize on the green transition.

Beyond his client work, Rob co-leads Chicago's Social Impact efforts and is involved in final round interviews and recruiting for associate consultants. Outside of Bain, Rob serves as the Chief Financial Officer and was previously the Chief Operations Officer at Embarc, a Chicago based education non-profit dedicated to experiential learning.

Rob obtained a BBA and BA in finance, economics, and political science from the University of Iowa as well as a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

In his free time, Rob spends time with his wife and son as well as their growing extended family of nieces and nephews. He also enjoys snowboarding and playing soccer.

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