Sanjin Bicanic


Los Angeles

Expert in application of AI, ML and Data Science


전문 분야


  • Founder of Analytics CErtified (ACE) Program
  • Expert in building software solutions leveraging Generative AI, Traditional AI and Machine Learning
  • Deep expertise in applying Data Science and Machine Learning to Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience
  • Advised on 100+ PE and GE diligences of AI assets or assets impacted by AI

Sanjin is a member of our Advanced Analytics practice. He works primarily on the application of advanced analytics to generate real and lasting business results.

He advises clients across a range of industries. His main focus is on the development of use-cases and products that leverage machine learning to solve real problems across commercial excellence, operations, and demand forecasting.

In addition to leading technical development work, Sanjin also advises on analytics strategy & capability development as well as due diligence of technology companies in data, AI & ML space. He has deep expertise in the development AI-led strategy and the development of enabling capabilities.

Prior to Bain, Sanjin was a Senior Software Engineer in Silicon Valley.

Sanjin grew up in Croatia but now lives in California. He earned a bachelor's degree in software engineering from Clarkson University and an MBA from Yale School of Management.

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