Siwei Shen



Consumer product expert leading growth strategy and consumer-centric capability building.


전문 분야

  • 10+ years of consulting experience in the Greater China market
  • Head of our Greater China associate consultant recruiting efforts

Siwei Shen is a core member of our Consumer Products and Automotive practices. Since joining Bain & Company in 2014, Siwei has been focusing on growth strategy, brand marketing, sales and go-to-market management and consumer-centric capability building.

Siwei has extensive experience in consumer health, food, personal care and passenger vehicle industry. He led growth strategy for leading consumer health brands, helped top confectionery brands to conduct business integration and channel optimization, and designed new energy vehicle strategy for a global leading luxury car brand.

Most recently, Siwei also helped a successful pharmaceutical company to transform its business and achieve more patient-centric growth, based on his deep insights and knowledge in consumer health.

Beyond his client work, Siwei is a leader of our associate consultant and senior associate consultant programs in Greater China. These end-to-end programs cover recruiting, training, career development and people advocacy efforts, striving for a more rewarding and sustainable career path for our team members.

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