Stuart Sim


New York

Advanced Analytics and Enterprise Technology expert with a record of leading large scale digital transformations


전문 분야


  • Leader in Gen AI, Advanced Analytics and Data Governance
  • Led multiple global digital transformations in mining, power utilities and telecommunications
  • Expert in Industry 4.0 and IIoT

Stuart Sim is a member of our Advanced Analytics and Enterprise Technology practices.

He has over 25 years of experience in building software solutions across multiple industries and has managed large-scale digital transformations, making use of complex data and machine-learning architectures.

Stuart is an expert in designing and building generative AI, machine learning and data governance solutions for industry 4.0, manufacturing and financial services organizations. During his career, he has led teams ranging from small to hundreds of globally distributed developers in Fortune 50 companies.

Stuart also advises chief data and information officers on the challenges and opportunities they face daily with generative AI and data governance.

Stuart holds a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Systems from Bristol University.

In his personal time, he is an avid cyclist and triathlete and is deeply involved with his local youth mountain biking team.

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