Tracy Naoufal

Expert Senior Manager,



Tracy Naoufal is a member of the Bain AcademySM team.

She is an expert in designing and delivering client capability-building programs and has deep experience developing immersive learning experiences (virtual or in-person) to drive results.

Such learning experiences cover both general management and leadership topics as well as capability-specific topics, such as agile, strategy, and operating model design.

Prior to joining Bain Academy, Tracy accumulated extensive consulting experience within Bain's general consulting practice, namely in the financial services and public sector industries, serving priority clients across a multitude of topics, including but not limited to strategy, agile transformation, customer experience, operating model design, and change management.

Outside of her client work, Tracy is an active member of the Womxn at Bain (WXB) affinity group, where she leads multiple connectivity and recruiting-focused initiatives. Tracy is also deeply involved with our general recruiting, training, and onboarding efforts.

Tracy graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BA in Economics. She is also a registered Scrum Master with Scrum Inc.

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