Yang Liu

엑스퍼트 파트너,


전문 분야

  • A sustainability veteran with over two decades of experience
  • Sussessful entrepreneurial experience in creating sustainability business
  • Strategic advisor to a leading environmental NGO from China

Yang Liu is a member of our Sustainability and Responsibility practice.

As a leading ESG expert, he has over 20 years of experience across the full spectrum of sustainability topics and a wide range of sectors. He gains wealthy international experiences by managing complex ESG work for large M&A deals or capital project in more than 20 countries. In recent years, by leveraging of data and digital technology, he helps clients to develop innovative solution to tackle pressing sustainability challenges in the area of responsible investment, sustainable finance, sustainable value chain, decarbonization and circularity etc.

Prior to joining Bain, he started his career at a global sustainability consultancy, where he became Partner and assumed various leadership roles for both regional office and major practices during his tenure. He then started a business venture with his fellow partners to create the first and one of the largest Chinese Sustainability Consultancy gaining international capability and brand recognition in the field of sustainable supply chain management and cross-border M&A. He also supported a leading environmental non-profit organization (NGO) to commercialize their data and digital services by creating a SaaS platform dedicated for sustainable value chain management for both industrial and financial clients.

He holds a MSc degree in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and BSc in Applied Chemistry from Beijing University of Chemical Technology

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