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Press release

Bain & Company joins forces with Sylvera to accelerate growth of the voluntary carbon market and provide unparalleled transparency on carbon credit quality to businesses and investors

Bain & Company joins forces with Sylvera to accelerate growth of the voluntary carbon market and provide unparalleled transparency on carbon credit quality to businesses and investors

  • novembro 08, 2022
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Press release

Bain & Company joins forces with Sylvera to accelerate growth of the voluntary carbon market and provide unparalleled transparency on carbon credit quality to businesses and investors

BOSTON & LONDON—November 8, 2022—Bain & Company today announced a strategic partnership with, and investment in, Sylvera, the leading carbon ratings platform helping to strengthen the transparency of carbon markets worldwide, boosting their accountability and credibility by applying robust proprietary analytics and independent ratings to carbon projects.

The innovative partnership will combine Bain & Company’s global expertise in nature and carbon transitions, as well as its deep understanding of the priorities of businesses and investors, with Sylvera’s world-leading technology and carbon credit ratings.

Together, Bain and Sylvera will deliver state of the art, actionable insights into nature and carbon credit initiatives for Bain clients on their net zero journeys, helping them identify and prioritize the projects with greatest impact and value, both to their businesses and the planet.  The partnership will help Bain’s clients better map their carbon reduction strategies and credit investments while ensuring quality and integrity of carbon credits and promoting wider transparency across voluntary carbon markets.

“Bain & Company is continuously expanding its suite of services and tools aimed at accelerating the carbon transition globally, leveraging the latest technologies and working alongside our clients to create a more sustainable, responsible and profitable future,” said Torsten Lichtenau, partner and global lead of Bain & Company’s Carbon Transition Impact area.

Dale Hardcastle, partner and global head of Carbon Markets at Bain & Company, added: “The journey to net zero is one that will demand every lever available – and nature-based solutions and carbon credits will be a key solution for investors and corporates in meeting that goal. Finding robust, reliable data and trusted, credible and independent ratings are critical to make intelligent decisions. Our partnership with Sylvera will enable Bain to be at the forefront of ensuring our clients have access to exactly these vital requirements and related insights to enable their carbon transitions.”

Uncertainty over the quality and credibility of some carbon credit projects has previously led to under-investment in nature-based projects, such as those that plant trees or prevent deforestation. Businesses investing in such initiatives have often lacked sufficient transparency regarding the design, quality and performance of the underlying assets. Improving projects’ integrity and bringing fact-based insights to investors and corporates seeking to invest is therefore critical for global climate action. Bain & Company’s partnership with Sylvera will allow its clients to achieve the required assurance of quality they need to further develop their programs and efforts in this area.

“Bain & Company and Sylvera both share a commitment to being forces for good in the fight against climate change,” said Allister Furey, co-founder and CEO of Sylvera. “We’re excited to announce and embark on this partnership. By combining our unique expertise and relationships with corporates, policymakers and marketplaces, this partnership will enable us to amplify our impact on global net zero targets.”

Bain’s strong sustainability commitment and record

Bain & Company, which has been carbon neutral since 2011, announced in April its commitment to science-based target emissions reductions, as well as the pledge to be net carbon negative in every year going forward. This will see the firm remove more than 100% of its scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions by supporting projects that extract carbon from the atmosphere.  This is part of the Bain’s bold, multi-year ESG commitments set out in our 2022 ESG report.

The firm launched its Sustainability and Responsibility Practice over ten years ago and has seen the area grow by more than 65% per annum over the past five years, with more than 950 sustainability projects undertaken by its consulting teams during this period, including more than 800 which touched on climate transition cases.  In September, Bain launched the Further Academy, which will see it train all consultants worldwide in ESG within months, in partnership with 12 world-class universities.


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