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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Making Bold Moves in Uncertain Times

Dan Kuzmic, a partner in our Stockholm office, explains the importance of calculated risk taking and bold decision making, even in times of uncertainty.


Making Bold Moves in Uncertain Times

There’s a phrase that you might have heard before: “go big or go home.” It means to go all out, to the fullest. You could say Dan Kuzmic, the managing partner of Bain’s Nordic offices, is someone who goes big, or at Bain we like to say: takes “bold steps forward.”    

Executing a merger is a huge undertaking, but when you add a global pandemic to the mix that’s tearing up the global economy, things become exponentially risky. For Dan, it was never a question to pause the merger with Bain and Qvartz, a Nordic-based consulting firm, even as the global economy was shutting down. Instead, he seized the opportunity to adapt and continue onwards with the vision to reshape strategy consulting in the region.   

Learn more about the merger, how everything is going post-integration and some interesting facts about Dan—like how he chose management consulting after reading it was one of the top ten careers in business during his MBA journey back in the 90s. I guess you could say he’s always been making bold moves.    

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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