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Davos 2017: China and Globalization

Bain Partner Walter Sinn discusses comments made by China's president at the 2017 World Economic Forum.


Davos 2017: China and Globalization

Walter Sinn, managing director of Bain's offices in Germany, discusses comments made by China's president at the 2017 World Economic Forum about the country's commitment to globalization and working with international partners.

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WALTER SINN: Davos was full of concerns and questions this year. I've never seen so much concern about the overall political and macro environment—all the issues from Syria and the refugees, to inequalities of income, to the "running Brexit" with recent news, and the uncertainties coming from Trump.

That all put the opening speech of the Chinese president under high expectations. And I must say, I was impressed. He used the platform in a brilliant way to position himself as a statesman, to make a clear commitment for globalization, for further development of the Chinese economy, and for opening the doors to the international populace.

He clearly committed to take the next steps in terms of Chinese economic development. He didn't deny that there is a slowing down of the Chinese economy, but he was clear on the next steps. And he was also clear on the fact that the Chinese wanted to play a key role as an engine of the overall global economy.

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