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Industrial Service Businesses Thrive by Cementing Customer Relationships

Leading businesses encourage enduring success by rewarding salespeople for winning new customers and cross-selling.

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Industrial Service Businesses Thrive by Cementing Customer Relationships
Many top-performing service businesses reward salespeople for acquiring new customers and cross-selling

Long-term value creation from both new and existing customers is at the center of leading industrial companies’ service strategies. Top performers design incentive systems that motivate salespeople to nurture enduring customer relationships. A University of St.Gallen survey showed that 83% of leading companies’ incentive plans for salespeople included new-customer acquisition, and 50% included cross-selling. These structures motivate salespeople to continuously deliver value to customers and take extra efforts to retain them. This approach can foster alignment between the service and sales teams, reward long-term partnerships, and create more value for the customers and the company.

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