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Meet Us

Bain Passports & Strategies

Get to know us through a series of webinars

Bain Passports

Whether you’re interested in being on the cutting edge of business and technology in Hong Kong, working in the shadow of Big Ben in London, or discovering the delights of Dubai, Bain Passports has something for you. 

Sign up for one or more of our webinars to meet and ask questions of our consulting teams around the world.

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
South America (for Portuguese Speakers) 12-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Registation closed 
Mexico City 14-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
South America (for Spanish Speakers) 27-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Register
Mexico City 09-Nov-2018 1:00pm EST Register

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
Europe, Middle East & Africa 4-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Registation closed
Middle East 6-Sep-2018 4:00am EST Registation closed
Middle East 6-Sep-2018 9:00am EST Registation closed
London 12-Sep-2018 11:00am EST Registation closed
Moscow 14-Sep-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Europe, Middle East & Africa 31-Oct-2018 12:00pm EST Register
Middle East 01-Nov-2018 09:00am EST Register
London 08-Nov-2018 11:00am EST Register
Germany & Switzerland 13-Nov-2018 11:00am EST Register
Brussels 15-Nov-2018 12:00pm EST Register
Moscow 16-Nov-2018 09:00am EST Register
Madrid 21-Nov-2018 09:00am EST Register  

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
Southest Asia 28-Aug-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Asia Pacific 04-Sep-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Australia 05-Sep-2018 07:00pm EST Registration closed
Tokyo 10-Sep-2018 09:00pm EST Registration closed
Tokyo 11-Sep-2018 04:00am EST Registration closed
Greater China 01-Nov-2018 08:00pm EST Register
Asia Pacific 06-Nov-2018 08:30am EST Register
Australia 08-Nov-2018 07:00pm EST Register
Southeast Asia 13-Nov-2018 08:00am EST Register
Seoul (Session 1) 16-Nov-2018 07:30pm EST Register
Seoul (Session 2) 03-Dec-2018 07:30pm EST Register

Bain Strategies

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