A Bain Externship Story

A Bain Externship Story

Maxine shares how she took advantage of an external learning opportunity with The Rise Fund.

Maxine Nesbitt, Associate Consultant | San Francisco

Hi Maxine! How is life as a Bain extern?

Life as an extern has been great. I left the Bain San Francisco office as an AC2 to join TPG's The Rise Fund for six months. The Rise Fund is a social impact private equity fund that invests in companies that create positive social and environmental impact across a variety of sectors. I will return to the SF office as an SAC this fall.

What drove you to make this decision, and what have you learned from it? 

I wanted to go on externship to see what it was like to have another job outside of Bain. Specifically, after spending some time in the private equity practice at Bain, I was curious to learn more about the full investment process in private equity. My externship has also given me a chance to blend my interests in business and social impact given the mission of the Rise Fund.

What have you brought to your externship role as a Bainie?

During my rotation in PEG, we evaluated many different markets, analyzed market trends, and created competitive landscapes to build an understanding of the market in question. This has proven very helpful in my externship as well as the core PowerPoint and communication skills I've picked up at Bain. 

How's your toolkit looking? What new skills and/or lessons have you learned?

As an extern, I work a lot more independently than the typical case team structure at Bain. I have learned a lot about managing my own projects and time to make sure they are completed thoroughly and promptly. In terms of content, I have gotten a lot of exposure to the process of sourcing and evaluating potential companies for investment.

We like to live in the present, but to entertain our readers' curiosity, would you do it again?

Yes! I have really enjoyed my externship and would do it again, but I am also excited to start back at Bain in the fall!