Partner Sonar Helps You Find the Right Managed Security Service Providers

Now tech vendors can identify the right MSSPs for their needs, using a unique database spanning thousands of providers.

Partner Sonar Helps You Find the Right Managed Security Service Providers

With cyberattacks on the rise, every technology company is on the lookout for new and better sales channel partners. There’s a vast array of managed security service providers out there, and our Partner Sonar database helps tech vendors find the right ones to extend their cybersecurity capabilities and reach. It includes profiles of the full spectrum of MSSPs, from IT service bundlers to black-box security specialists.

Among the thousands of MSSPs we profile are Big Tech firms, telcos, systems integrators, and other partners. Partner Sonar includes resellers, pure-play MSSPs, and product players with added services. Cybersecurity-capable channel partners are measured against the ability to provide an array of solutions and services, including endpoint protection platforms (EPP); endpoint detection and response (EDR); managed detection and response (MDR); network detection and response (NDR); extended detection and response (XDR); penetration testing; security information and event management (SIEM); security operations center (SOC); threat intelligence; and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

Partner Sonar is a proprietary asset we make available as part of our Channel Sales Optimization solutions. We can use Partner Sonar to develop a short list of partners across regions, capability areas, and verticals.  



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Partner Sonar

Partner Sonar is a unique As-a-Service offering based on a deep and broad dataset of hundreds of thousands of channel partners. You can use it to steer your channel strategy and provide practical and actionable recommendations.


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