The pace of innovation in the restaurant industry has accelerated. Rapid shifts in consumer behavior and digital technology are forcing companies to reinvent every facet of the business. New concepts and service models have raised the bar for food quality, value, and convenience. And customers now invest their time and money with ever higher expectations.

Winning demands a combination of next-generation technology and well-designed, customer-centered journeys that seamlessly integrate both the in-person and digital experience. You also need targeted marketing campaigns that deliver personalized messages, a sophisticated footprint strategy supported by data-driven site selection and innovative formats, and a compelling brand purpose and core values that inspire customer loyalty.

As the world’s leading advisor to the restaurant and food service industry, we will collaborate with you to reach new heights of performance and shareholder returns. Our restaurant consultants will partner with you to build a tailored brand position that will drive sustained success. We help with customer experience reinvention, personalization, menu redesign and innovation, marketing strategy, digital strategy, site development and footprint optimization, back-of-house automation and innovation, as well as strategies for winning a greater share of wallet from current customers and attracting new customers. With our deep expertise in advanced analytics and data science, we deliver sophisticated solutions powered by machine learning.

Across hundreds of engagements over the last decade, we have partnered with restaurant brands, franchisees, aggregators, and holding companies, as well as investors seeking the highest quality due diligence. We have deep experience in every restaurant category—full service, limited and quick service, fast casual, virtual restaurants and more. And we bring an unparalleled understanding of the market trends that influence your supply chains, menu design, and pricing decisions. Our restaurant consulting teams adhere to the highest professional standards, putting your company’s interests and confidentiality first.

The forces reshaping the restaurant industry provide a unique opportunity for companies that know how to harness them. Let us show you how, so you can delight new generations of devoted diners.

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