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Are Retail Investors Finally Within Reach?

We asked the CEO of Titanbay how digital platforms could open up private equity deals to a whole new class of investors.


Are Retail Investors Finally Within Reach?

Titanbay is one of several private investment platforms that have grown at an impressive clip in recent years. Collectively, these platforms promise to democratize access to private equity investing, but the question remains: How quickly can their clients race up the learning curve and start investing with confidence?

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“It is a fairly complicated asset class,” says Titanbay CEO Thomas Eskebaek, who stresses that educating his clients is just as important as giving them access to the top-performing private equity funds. “While we definitely want to open up private markets as an asset class to a broader audience, you have to do that very thoughtfully and carefully.”

Today on Dry Powder, Thomas explains how Titanbay helps investors navigate the private equity market for the first time. We’ll also consider how quickly this fresh pool of capital could expand and what it means for the private equity industry writ large.


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