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Data-Driven Impact Investing with Bridgespan’s William Foster

Private equity firms are developing measures of success that go far beyond their carbon footprints.


Data-Driven Impact Investing with Bridgespan’s William Foster

William Foster is the managing partner of the nonprofit consulting firm The Bridgespan Group, which aspires to develop world-class metrics that cut through the noise of the ESG debate and drive substantive changes on the ground.

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“The potential for private equity firms is to actually set best-in-class standards,” William says.

Today on Dry Powder, I ask William what best-in-class measures look like and how they’re unlocking tremendous opportunities on the social side of the equation.

“There’s an enormous number of measures that exist on what people might consider the ‘S’ side,” William says. “That’s livelihoods, wage gains, health measures, years of productive engagement. It’s lives saved, mortality—those are things that people care about enormously.”


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