Davos 2017: The Future of Electricity

Bain Partner Joe Scalise discusses the Grid Edge Transformation forum in Davos.


Davos 2017: The Future of Electricity

Joe Scalise, leader of Bain's Utilities practice in the Americas, recaps his participation in the Grid Edge Transformation Forum in Davos, which included a discussion around how to best deploy a framework around electrification, digitization and changing customer priorities around the world.

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JOE SCALISE: Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to present the culmination of our previous year's work to the Grid Edge Transformation forum. The point of our discussion was to think about how we might apply the framework that we've developed on things like electrification, digitization and changing customers for our priorities and engagement, and how we might deploy that framework going forward.

I think one of the most interesting and exciting things about it was both the embracing of the framework and the priorities, and the commitment to apply it differently both in countries and across the globe. And so we're really excited about the work next year, which is primarily going to be about not theory, but application.


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