Doing Well and Doing Good at Fullerton Health

David Sin discusses Fullerton Health's mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible to people in need.


Doing Well and Doing Good at Fullerton Health

Providing healthcare to the people who need it most can be a lofty goal, but with Project Big Heart, Fullerton Health aims to do just that. Fullerton Health Cofounder, Group President and Deputy Chairman David Sin discusses how Fullerton's mission to help those in need spurs the company to play a socially responsible role in the larger community. 

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DAVID SIN: We at Fullerton Health take not just the care we deliver very seriously, but also our role in society. This is where Fullerton Health Foundation plays a critical role for me personally, but also for the organization.

Fullerton Health Foundation's objective is to ensure that the good we do in the for-profit world extends to the not-for-profit world. Project Big Heart, our flagship initiative in conjunction with the government of Singapore, provides free care and free medication to the poor and needy in Singapore.

This allows us to provide accessible and affordable care to a demographic and a segment that otherwise would not be able to do so. That, more importantly, allows us to do well and do good.

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