Gender Balance in Business

Gender balance is not only a timely concept, it's good for business.


Gender Balance in Business

The 30% Club is a campaign to help women advance to senior leadership positions both in companies and on FTSE 100 boards. Brenda Trenowden, CBE, global chair of the 30% Club and head of Financial Institutions Group in Europe for ANZ, explains how gender balance in the workforce is gaining momentum, especially as more women rise to the top.

BRENDA TRENOWDEN: The 30% Club is a campaign. It's women and men working together to really drive change to get better gender balance in the senior levels of companies, both on boards and in senior leadership, because it's good for business.

When we launched the campaign back in 2010, there were 12.5% women on FTSE 100 boards. Happily, we've just passed 30% on FTSE 100 boards. But since that time, we've extended the campaign to really focus on the pipeline.

And so our target now is not only 30% across the whole of the FTSE 350 by 2020 but also 30% women in senior leadership roles on the FTSE 100 by 2020. And that's incredibly important. And that really reaches all the way down into the organizations, and that will help feed not only the executive level but also future boards.

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