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Healthcare Heroics

We take stock of a remarkable year of changes in the healthcare sector, fueled by innumerable acts of “healthcare heroism.”


Healthcare Heroics

So much has changed since the coleaders of Bain’s healthcare private equity team joined us on the show last summer, when we could only imagine the depth and breadth of the Covid-19 crisis ahead of us.

“It’s been quite a dramatic ride,” says Kara Murphy, coleader of Bain’s healthcare private equity team. “We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, fueled by what we might say is some pretty remarkable healthcare heroism, whether it’s how scientists collaborated to get us vaccines at record paces, all the frontline workers being resourceful in home care settings and in telemedicine settings to get people the care they need.”

These acts of heroism have opened up new pathways to treatment and care which investors have only begun to explore. “We saw more demand for healthcare investments than we’ve ever seen,” Nirad Jain says. “Healthcare deal volume was up 21% over 2019.”

Today on the show, I’ll ask Kara and Nirad to take stock of a remarkable year of changes to the healthcare sector and what all of those individual acts of heroism add up to for the industry as a whole.

“There’s still a long way to go, but we would like to see that the good that has come out of Covid be kept as we go into this next chapter,” says Kara.


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