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Level Up Your Fund-Raising Game

As competition for capital intensifies, a one-size-fits-all approach to institutional investors will no longer suffice.


Level Up Your Fund-Raising Game

My guest on today’s episode of Dry Powder is Graham Rose, the head of the Americas Private Equity practice at Bain. He’s also one of our most insightful experts on institutional investors, and this year, he’s observed a seismic shift in their capital allocation strategies.

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“The focus for institutional investors,” Graham says, “has really snapped back to, ‘What have I gotten back into my pocket? What do I have in my checkbook? What do I have in line of sight?’ And that's been probably the most pronounced switch in the marketplace that we've seen in the last year or so.”

But Graham cautions that the term institutional investors itself is a catchall. It encompasses a wide variety of institutions, each of which is pursuing an even wider variety of investment strategies. Today on Dry Powder, I'll ask Graham how a general partner (GP) can navigate through this increasingly complex fund-raising landscape. We’ll discuss how GP’s are using commercial excellence strategies to gain a deeper understanding of what their limited partners want and to tailor their fund-raising pitches accordingly.


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