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Macro Risks: Keep It Simple

Home in on the mission-critical risks, but don’t sweat the details.


Macro Risks: Keep It Simple

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Karen Harris, managing director of Bain’s Macro Trends Group, unpacked the macro risks playing out in myriad ways across just about every region of the globe. All of this raises a deeper question: What can an investor actually do about it?

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“Smart investors aren’t wasting a huge amount of time scenario planning around the possibility of an asteroid hitting Siberia, when they’re trying to figure out a deal,” Karen says in part two of our interview series on macro risks.

Today on Dry Powder, Karen explains how private equity investors can scan their portfolio for mission-critical risks, without getting bogged down in everything that might go wrong.

“Scenario planning is looking at disjunctive outcomes,” she says. “You don’t have to believe them, but in five years, would we wish we had done X, Y, or Z based on these extreme plausible scenarios?”

We also consider the upside of macro events, including new business models and new investment opportunities that might emerge in a post-globalized world.


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