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Macro Update: The Flip Side of Inflation

As inflation trends downward, should investors plan for a lower interest rate environment in 2024—and even the possibility of deflation?


Macro Update: The Flip Side of Inflation

The last time we had Karen Harris, the managing director of Bain’s Macro Trends Groups, on Dry Powder, core inflation was down, but there were still quite a few mixed signals in the broader pricing data. Today, the downward trend is clear.

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“Given how quickly we have moved from inflation to very moderate inflation, and some category deflation, our concern is now that we will see too much deflation,” Karen says.

Today on the show, I ask Karen what sort of interest rate environment investors should plan for in 2024, and whether they should prepare for a deflationary environment.

I also ask Karen why consumer sentiment has turned sharply downward, even as the economy appears to be going strong.


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