Bain London Social Impact Report 2021

Bain London Social Impact Report 2021

Our pro bono work brings Bain’s talent, expertise and insight to organisations tackling today’s urgent challenges in education, racial and social equity, economic development and the environment.

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Bain London Social Impact Report 2021

The London office contributed ~$11M in pro bono consulting last year, and our people volunteered more than 30,000 hours with various social impact initiatives through our dedicated social impact ringfence, volunteering at the Winter Event Social Impact Day, participating in extra 10% projects and other voluntary initiatives.

2021 has been another massive year for Bain & Company’s social impact team in London. As the office grows, so has our dedication to social impact.

Our Social Impact programme has two missions.

  • To support the firm's global social impact strategy
  • To provide opportunities for London Bain employees to give back

This year, we expanded our Social Impact ringfence, which allows us to make a greater impact with 11 ringfence projects. While we continue to strengthen our long-standing relationships with existing education partner organisations, Ark, SBT and Impetus, we also developed new ones with partner organisations focussing on the environment and racial equity and social justice.

Read the full report and learn the many ways London Bainies have made an impact in the last year.


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