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Tech Due Diligence: From the Outside In

You don’t need the keys to the source code or the server farm to learn an awful lot about a business from the outside in.


Tech Due Diligence: From the Outside In

Technology due diligence, done the right way, not only can help expose threats to your deal; more and more of our clients are discovering growth opportunities that they can underwrite with confidence.


“We always start with the deal thesis,” explains Asit Goel, head of Bain’s America’s Strategy practice and one of our leading experts on technology due diligence.

In fact, Asit recently stood up a team of technology experts here at Bain to help our clients accelerate their tech diligence strategies or just figure out where to begin.

“I’m still having conversations with sponsors who are just thinking about this for the first time,” says Hank Chen, a partner in our Boston office who has completed more than 125 diligence assignments over the past three years.

On today’s episode, Hank and Asit will provide a crash course on doing tech due diligence the right way.


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