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We’ve spoken with thousands of leaders across the world on how to retool strategy amid turbulence and uncertainty - here we share our findings.

You are leading your teams through unprecedented disruption and uncertainty, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. That’s why we created this special collection of insights drawn directly from CEOs’ experiences and perspectives. Through an ongoing series of global CEO forums we foster conversations among small groups of senior executives on the challenges, opportunities, and imperatives facing leaders today. This continuing series will provide you with up-to-date takes from your peers. Ready to meet the moment? You’re in good company.

Featured Insights

Featured Insights

What Every Executive Needs to Know About AI

As they develop their AI strategies, companies across industries already are making big moves, experimenting with intelligent agents, partnerships, and products.

Better with Age: The Rising Importance of Older Workers

Populations are aging; work lives are lengthening. Some 150 million jobs will shift to older workers by the end of the decade. Leading companies focus on recruiting, retaining, reskilling, and respecting the strengths of this group of workers.


Sustainability Vs. Strong Financials: Now You Don’t Have to Choose

Instead of agonizing over sustainability investments, leaders should see them for what they are—a rare opportunity to reorder your industry’s leaderboard.

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Executive Conversations

Executive Conversations

Straight from the source: CEOs tell us about the biggest challenges they face, and what they see as the keys to success in leadership and business.

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