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Visualize Profits with Precision, Not Platitudes

Too many business leaders lack a clear understanding of profitability, but a few organizations are visualizing profits in startling detail.


Visualize Profits with Precision, Not Platitudes

We’ve talked about margin erosion before on Dry Powder, but we haven’t fully addressed what you can do about it.

“A client typically comes to us when they don’t have a granular understanding—or any understanding, for that matter—of profitability,” says Emily Kasavana, one of Bain’s leading experts on profit transparency.

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Emily is the global product lead for ProfitCubeSM, a tool that enables business leaders to visualize profits at an unprecedented level of detail.

“This actually allows you to say, ‘We are all looking at the same data, and we are going to distill it into a concrete action that you can take tomorrow,” Emily explains. “You want to empower that frontline person to make the right decision.”

Today on Dry Powder, I ask Emily what happens once an organization gets its first glimpse of true economic profitability. We’ll see how they start pinpointing where value is created and where it has eroded. We’ll also see how granular data can inspire the entire organization, from the C-suite to frontline workers, to swing into action.

As Emily says, “Analytics are great, insights are better, action is best.”


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