Alberto Hijosa




Alberto is a member of our Financial Services and Enterprise Technology practices. He has over 10 years' of consulting experience.

He is also an active member of the Technology and Analytics group and Performance Improvement practice. Alberto focuses on strategy engagements with EMEA banks and insurers regarding technology disruption trends (e.g., analytics, innovation, fintechs) while supporting these clients on more traditional issues based on Bain's expertise (e.g., portfolio analysis, profit from the core, and Net Promoter Score). Additionally, he works on ad-hoc engagements (mostly technology-related) with Private Equity clients.

Recent examples relevant to this project include creating a cloud strategy migration path for a Global European bank and designing a technology outsourcing model for an International Insurer in Europe for cost and quality optimization.

Throughout his career, Alberto has supported his clients on a broad set of topics from deep core technology topics (e.g., architecture, core systems, cloud) to technology disruption trends (e.g., Blockchain, Fintechs)

Prior to joining Bain, Alberto worked 3+ years as a software developer for Indra Sistemas.

He holds an MBA from Instituto de Empresa and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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