Alec Brown

Senior Manager,

Expert in Data Science and Machine Learning


전문 분야


  • Lead technical development of the Grid Planning POC and MVP software solution with the Utilities Practice
  • Developed and deployed content valuation model for a multi-national media company and their streaming service
  • Aligned corporate planning of customer service improvements to a data-driven process at a large west-coast electric utility

Alec Brown is a member of our Advanced Analytics Group.

He has more than 4 years of consulting experience with Bain across the Americas. Much of his work has been with the Utilities practice in the Americas, but he has also advised clients in financial services, private equity, and media.

He is an expert in data-driven performance improvement. This experience includes time series forecasting to decrease call center costs, a customer satisfaction based approach to prioritizing spend in customer programs at a Utility, a machine learning model dedicated to delivering more accurate outage restoration time estimates, and a content-valuation machine learning model for a multi-national streaming service.

In addition to Alec's client work, he is an active recruiter for our analytics function with a particular focus on direct hires from graduate schools.

He holds a MSc in Analytics from North Carolina State University (the Institute for Advanced Analytics) as well as undergraduate degrees in Economics and Mathematics from the Honors College at Western Kentucky University.

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