Alexei Karavaikin

파트너, Moscow


Alexei Karavaikin is a partner in our Energy and Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, and Performance Improvement practices, based in Moscow.

With more than a decade of consulting experience, Alexei has delivered successful growth strategies, merger and post-merger integration efforts, full potential operating model turnarounds, and performance improvement results for clients across industries in Russia, the US and Europe. He previously worked in our Boston, London and Moscow offices.

His core case work has encompassed Results Delivery®, business process redesign, zero-based budgeting and redesign, and portfolio management strategy.

Alexei previously spent 17 years in senior executive roles for major, vertically integrated oil and gas companies across Russia. In this capacity, he led efforts spanning investment governance, capital planning, allocation and efficiency, project management development and controls, planning and performance management.

He has played a critical role in a number of successful large-scale merger integrations in the Russian oil and gas sector, as well as in various organizational transformations, including digital ones. 

Alexei holds an MBA from Harvard Business School (USA), before which he began his career with us as a consultant. He also earned an M.A. in Sociology and Psychology of Management, with distinction, from the State Academy of Management in Moscow.

He previously served on the boards of directors of oil and gas and petrochemical companies in Russia and India. He currently serves on the advisory boards of various technology start-ups.

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