Anjali Thappa




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  • Founding member of Austin Office
  • 10+ years at Bain

Anjali Thappa is a member of our Commercial Excellence and Technology practices.

She has worked with a broad range of technology companies, spanning hardware, software, and services. Most of her work surrounds go-to-market optimization and commercial productivity - she was one of the earliest to deploy Bain's Sales Play System and one of Bain's experts in unlocking value from GenAI in B2B Sales and Marketing.

Beyond her client work, she is one of the founding members of the Austin office, kickstarting many of the people and talent efforts including - Mentorship (both 1:1 mentorship and establishing the broader infrastructure), DE&I, and Womxn at Bain. She takes an active interest in helping her team members pursue their personal and professional goals, making her a recurring "Upward Feedback Rockstar."

Between joining Bain as an Associate Consultant and returning as a Consultant, she worked at a Food Tech startup as a Product Manager and then as the Product Strategy Lead. She also worked the seafood station (primarily shucking oysters) at a French restaurant in San Francisco to broaden her exposure to the food and restaurant world.

In her personal time, Anjali spends time exploring the food and beverage scene of Austin with her husband, young daughter, and her large and lovable but mischievous German Shepherd.

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