The rise of edge computing and artificial intelligence, continuing acceleration of cloud computing and the proliferation of IoT devices are just a few of the trends that computer hardware companies must navigate as the tech ecosystem continues to evolve. We have decades of experience helping companies seize new opportunities during times of change and disruption. We understand the dynamic forces driving the hardware sector, and we consistently help our clients--which range from the world’s largest consumer electronics companies to leading network equipment providers--optimize their strategies and performance to achieve and sustain industry leadership.


How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We are one of the world's leading consulting firms to the computer hardware industry. We have worked with 8 of the world’s top 10 Tech companies and 7 of the world’s top 10 global hardware companies, with a keen focus on helping our clients achieve lasting results.

Over the past five years we have worked across all industries and capabilities in the technology sector, including network equipment, computers and peripherals, storage and consumer electronics, helping our clients make critical decisions on strategy, operations, organization, M&A and IT.

Our global team has deep expertise in the most important issues facing semiconductor companies today, including:

  • Leading insights into how to capitalize on the acceleration of edge computing as it disrupts entrenched competitive dynamics and fuels demand and innovation across the technology ecosystem
  • Value-driven thought leadership in cloud computing, providing established and next-generation hardware companies with a keen understanding of how cloud adoption affects organizational structures, market outlooks, product development, M&A possibilities, and operations from the back office to the front lines
  • Innovative strategies to address a wide range of cybersecurity issues, ranging from enhanced resilience to go-to-market and investment strategies and opportunities.  
  • A field-tested approach for unlocking the value of the Internet of Things. We also specialize in helping IoT and analytics vendors focus their resources and determine which battlegrounds they can most effectively compete on.
  • Strategies for responding rapidly to the disruptions posed by Covid-19, including its impacts on an increasingly mobile workforce, supply chains and “As a Service” business models
  • Industry-leading expertise in software private equity investing, enabling us to help PE firms craft portfolio strategies that identify and seize the most promising hardware opportunities 
  • Unmatched M&A capabilities, from due diligence and post-merger integration to divestitures, spin-offs, joint ventures and alliances  

We also have deep industry expertise and coverage across the hardware ecosystem, including expertise in:

  • Smartphones, PCs, Wearables & IoT Devices – From the world’s largest computer hardware manufacturers to next-gen consumer electronic companies, we provide leading insights into value chain optimization, salesforce effectiveness, marketing excellence and cost transformation strategies. We also help clients grow their direct-to-consumer businesses by building world-class capabilities in product design, development, consumer analytics and marketing.
  • Datacenter Compute and Storage – Given accelerated shifts way from on-premises devices to the public cloud and “As a Service” models, datacenter compute and storage companies have an opportunity to capitalize on a shift in where value is being generated. We have unmatched experience helping companies in this sector navigate and capitalize on these trends, by building new capabilities across strategy, operations, organization, M&A and IT.
  • Network Equipment – Rapidly increasing demand for network equipment and the fundamental shifts towards “Networking as a Service” and software-defined modular architecture present both opportunities and challenges for network equipment providers. We have deep expertise in helping global companies in this sector capitalize on emerging opportunities by addressing value creation planning, go-to-market transformations, product development, operating model design and pricing strategies.

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