Michael Schallehn


Silicon Valley


Michael Schallehn an expert in Bain's Technology practice, with a focus on the semiconductor industry, as well as in the firm's Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice.

Michael has more than 15 years of industry and consulting experience. He advises clients across the technology stack and, given his background in material science, is particularly passionate about the hardware and semiconductor industries.

Michael works with clients to address a broad range of issues, including strategy (corporate, BU, growth, market entry, innovation), operational improvement (R&D portfolio optimization, manufacturing sourcing), post-merger integration and buy-side due diligences, both for private equity funds and corporate M&A clients. 

He has deep expertise in consumer devices, both maturing (smartphones, tablets) and new form factors (wearables, virtual/augmented reality), as well as in disruptive and fast growing enterprise/industrial segments of the Internet of Things such as robotics and autonomous cars.

Michael joined Bain in 2004 and spent five years in Bain's German offices. Prior to joining Bain, he worked as a research & development engineer in the chemicals industry.

Michael earned a diploma and a doctorate (summa cum laude) in Material Science with focus on nanotechnology from Darmstadt, University of Technology (Germany). His language skills include English, German (native) and French.

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