Ann Scott-Plante

Head of Future Back Ventures by Bain & Company,

San Francisco


  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Experienced digital product leader
  • Start-up investor and advisor

Ann leads our Bain alumni-focused, early-stage venture fund, Future Back Ventures. She is a boomerang Bainie having started her career as an AC/SAC at Bain New York.

In her time away from Bain, Ann co-founded and sold a start-up, led product at a public company and contributed as an advisor, investor and consultant to numerous companies in the digital health space.

Ann co-founded and launched Wello, a first of its kind fitness technology company, which was acquired by Weight Watchers (WW). Ann spent 4 years at WW as VP of Product, helping to turn around the company's suite of digital products and leading the newly-established SF office.

After leaving WW, Ann spent her time consulting across a range of early-stage start-ups and large companies like Fitbit and Samsung Next.

Ann is a proud graduate of Dartmouth College where she earned a degree in economics and of Stanford Graduate School of Business where she earned an MBA.

In her free time, you’ll find her seeking out opportunities to pass her love of nature, sport and adventure on to her 3 daughters.

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