Daan Kakebeeke


San Francisco

10+ years in operations improvement, with deep expertise in effectively scaling new technology


전문 분야

  • Co-founder of Bain's Industrial Analytics team
  • Leader in our manufacturing partnership ecosystem
  • 0.5X coder

Daan Kakebeeke is a member of our Advanced Manufacturing, Performance Improvement and Digital practices.

He is an expert in leading large-scale operations improvement programs and Industry 4.0 transformations across manufacturing and supply chains. Daan advises global clients in process and discrete operations across a range of industries including chemicals, energy, metals and mining. Recent prominent engagements include:

  • Delivering a mixed Lean & Digital operations transformation for PetrochemicalCo
  • Scaling a technology platform enabling remote surveillance and data science for EnergyCo
  • Building a resilient supply chain strategy for critical materials for ConsumerGoodsCo
  • Building an operations decarbonization roadmap for ManufacturingCo

Beyond his client work, he is a co-founder of our global industrial analytics team and a leader in our manufacturing partnership ecosystem. He is actively involved in recruiting and training and a mentor for those pursuing a hybrid data science/consulting track. He was part of our first cohort of consultants certified as proficient in data science and hands-on coding.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and an MBA from the University of California Berkeley with a specialization in Computer Science, earning highest honors in all.

In his personal time, Daan is a proud #GirlDad of two daughters. He is an avid kickboxer and enjoys ski touring, which is how he met his wife. In his San Francisco community, he is an advisor for manufacturing technology start-ups.

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