Anshu Raj



14+ years of deep experience in financial services and advanced analytics


전문 분야

  • Deep experience in E2E analytics strategy, capability development and implementation
  • Experience in designing analytics-led transformation for clients customized to their needs
  • Co-lead of our SEA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion chapter

Anshu Raj is a member of our Financial Services practice, with a focus on insurance and advanced analytics.

With more than 14 years of experience, Anshu is at the forefront of leveraging data and the latest analytics trends to build exceptional customer experiences. From data and analytics strategy to Big Data management to predictive analytics and machine learning, Anshu’s experience covers all aspects of analytics. He has a wealth of cross-industry experience and has worked in multi-tiered and data-intensive cases across APAC.

Anshu primarily advises financial services clients on data and analytics strategy, value delivery through AI, cost transformation, and AI capability build. Apart from insurance clients, he has also extensively advised banking, luxury retail, telecom, energy, fast food, and e-commerce clients on a range of analytics topics.

Anshu has also been instrumental in building AA expertise in financial services through proprietary products that can be deployed easily in different client environments.

Prior to joining us, Anshu spent more than a decade in the insurance industry, where he focused on building and developing data science expertise in Asia. He built and led the advanced analytics enter of excellence for a leading insurer in Asia and was responsible for developing data science expertise across the value chain with E2E capabilities.

In addition to his client work, he is an active member of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practice and currently co-leads the DEI chapter for South-East Asia.

Anshu holds an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. He is also a recipient of the Analytics 100 award for SE Asia.

In his leisure time, he loves to travel, read fiction and do yoga.

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