Anthony Wicht



Leader in the firm's Healthcare and Life Sciences practice, with a particular focus on rapid, meaningful transformations


Anthony is a member of our Healthcare and Life Sciences practice.

Through his Bain career, Anthony has worked with many of Australia's leading healthcare providers. He focuses on leading whole-of-business transformations, and has driven multi-year transformations in acute hospital services, radiology and cancer care.

Anthony is passionate about improving healthcare in Australia, identifying transformation pathways that deliver better patient outcomes, better experiences for healthcare workers, and more sustainable financial outcomes. Anthony leads the "Future Leaders Academy", a joint Bain / Beyond Excellence program that equips healthcare managers to better create the healthcare systems of the future.

Beyond healthcare, Anthony has led substantial change efforts in financial services, advanced manufacturing and private equity portfolio companies.

Anthony holds a Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has been involved in aerospace and defense strategy and policy within and outside Bain. In 2017, he was the United States Studies Centre's "Alliance 21 Fellow" and spent time in Washington, DC studying Australia-US space cooperation opportunities.

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