Blaine Pellicore




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  • Head of our Denver recruiting efforts.
  • Founding member of the Denver office.
  • Left Bain for four years to be an executive at a space start-up building 3D-printed rocket engines.

Blaine Pellicore is a member of our Aerospace & Defense and Private Equity practices.

He has worked with many of the top A&D companies across space launch, satellite hardware, satellite imagery, hypersonics, major defense platforms, and next-generation technology development. He has also led multiple commercial and operational diligences in A&D, engineering software, and advanced electronic components for corporate and private equity funds.

In 2018, Blaine left Bain to be an executive at Ursa Major Technologies, an A&D start-up building 3D-printed rocket engines for space launch and hypersonic flight. He joined as the 19th employee and, over four years, helped grow the company to 200+ team members. He stood up and ran multiple parts of the company, most notably the National Security business unit and the Advanced Programs Group.

Beyond his client work, he is on the Board of Directors for Housing Connector, a nation-wide non-profit using technology to connect unhoused families with safe housing. He also leads the recruiting efforts for the Denver office.

He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado, Boulder and received his master's degree from the Harvard Kennedy School where his work focused on econometrics and quantitative economics.

In his personal time, Blaine is a passionate rock climber, trail runner, and skier.

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