Caio Barreiros


São Paulo

15+ years in the Telecommunications industry. Led one of the largest post merger integrations in Brazil.


Caio Barreiros is a member of our Telecommunications practice.

He has 15+ years of experience in strategy/strategic planning and business development consulting.

Caio's projects ranged from corporate strategy (fairness evaluation, M&A, PMI, due diligence), to digital transformation (sales channels optimization through digital and technology), and organizational optimization (organizational structure re-design post merger).

He has gained work experience across the UK, the U.S., Mexico, China, Colombia and all over Brazil.

Caio holds an MBA from London Business School, class of 2011 and a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from UFRJ, Brazil.

He is fluent in Portuguese and English, and has working knowledge of French and Spanish.

In his spare time, Caio enjoys running and has successfully completed the IRONMAN triathlon. He also enjoys programming in C and Python, on Raspberry Pi and uControllers.

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