Cameron Ramsay

Principal, Future Back Ventures,



전문 분야

  • Founder of Caliber by Bain & Company
  • Experienced Management Consultant

Cameron spent several years on the Bain consulting path, progressing from AC to Consultant, before moving to Engine 2 to contribute to the launch and operation of new and exciting Bain-backed ventures.

During his time with Engine 2, Cameron launched and scaled Results Talent Network (RTN). While overseeing RTN, Cameron identified, pitched and launched another new business opportunity for Bain, Caliber by Bain. Caliber is a marketplace that connects Bain Alumni operating as freelance consultants with corporate clients in need of support. Cameron served as the Founder and Director of Caliber before moving to his current role with Future Back Ventures.

Cameron has spent time working in Bain offices (Johannesburg, Los Angeles and London) across three continents.

He is a proud alumnus of the University of Cape Town, where he studied finance at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Outside of work, Cameron can typically be found enjoying the outdoors while running, cycling or playing golf.

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