Kuba Tymula

Expert Associate Partner,


Digital and data expert with a track record of leading pragmatic digital transformations.


Kuba Tymula helps clients leverage the latest advances in omnichannel technology and behavioural science to drive value by creating great customer experiences supported by a world-class organisation — culture, processes and incentives.

He has worked with clients across a range of B2C industries (loyalty, retail, financial services and media), as well as politics. He is an expert on the creation of marketing, digital and big data strategies, as well as their pragmatic delivery to drive rapid commercial impact.

Prior to joining us, Kuba was a founder of a digital transformation studio, Harris Partners, in Sydney, and a consultant at another top firm, where he moved between its San Francisco, Melbourne, New York and Sydney offices. He started his career in Merrill Lynch's London office.

Kuba holds an M.A. (Cantab) in economics from Cambridge University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. He won an Entrepreneur of the Year award in Poland in 2008.

Privately, he is a gadget geek and a nomad. He lives in Sydney, his 16th city since he left Poland in 1996, with his wife and two kids.

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